Main Popular Styles of Outdoor Garden Water Features

Main Popular Styles of Outdoor Garden Water Features

Gardens are places, where we can relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature. You will require to put in a lot of time in designing and implementing a complete garden design. But, it is actually worth spending this time and effort to create a garden to suit your tastes and personality, as you are going to spend a lot of time over here, relaxing or entertaining your guests. A well-designed garden will also raise the overall market value of the property. The landscape design can be enhanced by using various types of plants, containers, sculptures and water features.

If you consider adding a water feature to your garden, it can change the whole look and the feel of your garden. Simple water features can even transform a very ordinary looking garden into an outdoor oasis. The flowing water creates a very relaxing atmosphere. It attracts various birds, whose chirping sound changes the entire ambiance of the garden. There are various customized garden fountains to suit different space and budget.

There are a few common rules of installing garden fountains that are typically followed by most of the landscapers. For example, they usually use two fountains, a bigger and a smaller one. The bigger one is usually used as the focal point of the garden, while the smaller one is used as the accent element.

Different types of gargen water features

Oriental style (Chinese, Japanese)

Oriental styles garden water features

The oriental gardens look incomplete without some kinds of water features, whether it is a fountain, waterfall, pond or water bowls. Unlike the other kinds of high shooting fountains, the oriental fountains are typically made up of bamboos. They do not shoot the water into the air, but, just dribble the water in some water basic or pond. Those gardens, which do not have the space to install the larger water features, can install the classic water bowls, which will give the same soothing sounds of running water, but even in the smallest areas.

Ponds are also a very popular oriental water feature, which are often found to be filled with goldfishes. Some of the oriental gardens, even have cleverly created river beds along with small oriental bridges, which add to the gracefulness of the garden. Again the waterfalls are also quite common features of many oriental gardens. They offer a transition from one elevation to the other, and thus, here the landscaping becomes a little difficult.

Southeastern Asian style

Southeastern Asian style garden water features
One of the distinct features of the southeastern Asian style gardens is that, they all have an element of mystery. Some of the most common features of these gardens are the meandering paths, hanging plants and wooden fountains. Bamboo is an essential part of the Asian culture and the bamboo fountains can blend perfectly to the framework of the garden. The ponds of the Asian style gardens have the smooth corners instead of the hard angles. You can use the bamboo fountains, which should be slanted towards the pond, so that, the water can trickle down over the rocks or the bamboo shoots.

Again stonework is another important aspect of the Asian theme. So, you can use stones or large boulders to decorate your ponds or artificial river beds. You can decorate the ponds and the artificial riverbeds with water lilies and thin-bladed grasses, as these are also some important aspects of an Asian theme.

Nordic style

Nordic style garden water featuresThe Nordic countries, i.e., Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway have many common features in their way of life. The Nordic style gardens have traditional fountains which were used in the old North-European cottage gardens. These fountains are made up of stones. Many of these gardens use tabletop fountains, which adds to the look without giving a heavy feeling.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style garden water features
In the Mediterranean, there is a lot of water scarcity and thus, there are some special water features in these areas, like, narrow rills or dribbling fountains, which offer only a little water, just to provide a feeling of relief from the heat. The larger water features in Mediterranean style gardens are designed in such a manner, so that it can avoid excessive loss from evaporation.

Spanish style

Spanish style garden water features
The Spanish gardens are typically influenced by ancient Persian and other Middle Eastern gardens. Generally, these types of gardens have a colorfully tiled fountain, which usually makes the focal point of the courtyard and creates a soothing sound of water. Some of the Spanish gardens are featured with four separate quadrants, where the cross is often constructed with water channels, stimulating streams. These water channels are often tiled or lined with stones. The small ponds and artificial riverbeds decorated with stones or tiles are also common features of Spanish gardens.

Modern concise style

Modern concise style garden water features
One of the popular modern concise style of fountains is the disappearing fountain or the pondless fountain. In these types of fountains, the water reservoir is hidden under the ground. Some of the popular styles of these fountains are ceramic urns, granite columns, natural looking waterfalls, etc. Wall fountains are also another popular feature specially in the smaller gardens. You can consider using the free-standing fountains or the wall fountains. The freestanding ones are usually known as floor fountains. These are larger in size. The basin of these fountains are placed on the ground. The wall-mounted fountains can be customized depending on the size of the walls and look like a part of the landscape.

Modern natural style

Modern natural style garden water features
A simple, modern natural style fountain can add to the look of an informal garden. You can choose the fountains made up of cast stones, which offer clean lines and a natural shape. Here, the water will flow from the disc on the top to the basin placed at the bottom. If you are looking for a more pronounced sound lower the level of the basin and to get a softer appeal you will have to raise the level. You can even consider using a statue to add a more modern look to your outdoor garden. Here, the water will trickle over the cherub, and fall into the basin below.

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