How to Design Your Garden with a Good Geomantic Omen


Geomantic omen is a heavenly method which is used to interpret markings and/or patterns formed by soil, sand or rock on the ground. The most common form of geomancy involves the interpretation of a series of sixteen patterns formed by a random process which consists of recursion, analysis and astrological interpretation.

The practice was carried out in the Middle Ages and also during the Renaissance period in Africa as well as Europe.

In Renaissance magic, geomantic omen is classified alongside the following six major magical arts; necromancy, spatulamancy, hydromancy, chiromancy, aeromancy and pyromancy.

How to design your garden with a good geomantic omen

Believers of geomancy can choose to design their gardens using one or more of the following geomantic omens; Via, Populous, Cauda Draconis, Tristitia, Puer, Albus, Fortuna Minor, Fortuna Major, Puella, Rubeus, Acquisito, Conjuctio, Amissio, Caput Draconis, Carcer and Laetitia.

However, some of them signify positivity whereas others signify negativity.

It’s therefore important to design gardens using any of the following good/positive patterns:


Via is a Latin phrase which means the way. The design resembles a straight path or road and is usually associated with journeys.

When a garden is designed using the Via pattern, it means that a particular situation on which divine intervention is being sought will most possibly result in positive results.

Via design is closely associated with Mercurius and Diana deities.


Puer is a Latin word that means boy. It’s a good geomantic omen that resembles an erect phallus or sword. The design essentially represents male sexuality, passion and aggression.

A garden that is designed in this pattern gives the owner an assurance of emerging triumphant in challenging love and/or war conquests.

Puer design gives a garden Graphiel planetary intelligence and a Bartzabel spirit that are typically associated with Athen and Mavors deities as well as two angels; Malchidael and Smael.

Fortuna Minor

The Fortuna Minor is a great design for both large and small gardens. The pattern symbolizes success descending down just like light beams from the sun.

The design is a clear indication of positive outcomes in nearly all situations. This is because it represents transient success that depends on external factors.

It’s suitable for short term situations that require urgent resolution. It represents temporary instability and imminent change.

A garden that is made using the Fortuna Minor design is believed to effectively acquire Nakhiel planetary intelligence and a Sorath spirit, while protection is provided by Verchiel and Michael angels.


Puella is an excellent garden design that resembles a woman with large breasts, and therefore symbolizes feminine sexuality.

It’s a perfect design for gardens that are owned by women or dedicated to special women such as wives or mothers.

The design signifies peace which can only be attained if precautionary measures, rather than reactionary steps are taken.

In the human body, Puer is associated with the skin, kidneys, buttocks and lower back.

When used to design a garden, it gives it Hagiel’s planetary intelligence and Kedemel’s spirit. People believe that such a garden is also protected by two angels; Zuriel and Anael.


The Laetitia design generally resembles a rainbow, an arch or a fountain. It signifies great potential, happiness and joy.

When used as a garden design, it denotes fast resolution of situations, construction, joy, upward motion and/or contentment.

The design is mainly associated Neptunus and Jove deities as well as two guardian angels; Barchiel and Sachiel.

Caput Draconis

Caput Draconis is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to the Dragon’s Head. It signifies great, new beginnings such as profit and/or good luck.

The outer element symbolizes fire whereas its inner element is a symbol of the earth.

When Caput Draconis is used to design a garden, the general belief is that the garden will effectively acquire Hagiel and Iophiel planetary intelligence, in addition to being filled with Kedemel and Hismael spirits.

The design is associated with three deities; Venus, Vulcanus and Iove.

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